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Welcome to SocialPeepl - "Bringing your peepl closer".

On this site you will find loads of stuff ranging from information right through to chat rooms. SocialPeepl is unlimited and 100% free. For more info check out the Help section section.

SocialPeepls get access to a great range of ePoints and eApps which cover the following:

  • SocialPeepls get access to a great range of standard features including eSpeak, messages, eboard, calendar, groups, eclans, friends lists and discover new SocialPeepls. Don't fancy uploading a file one by one?, then not a problem using the java powered eloader you can upload as many images, video or music as many times as you wont without restrictions.SocialPeepl also give you an option to embed a video or content from another website within the SocialPeepl framework.
  • The media section is great to find out about new and existing albums and films from artists and actors. You can also find out about the people behind the albums and the films including agent contact information.
  • The news section gives you the latest information of whats going on around the world and with fellow SocialPeepls. SocialPeepl is built in such away that what you do is a story itself that others can read about and contribute by adding content to your story.
  • If you want to showcase your skills as a developer?. Then why not create your own eApp today. eApp's allow other SocialPeepls to use your eApp. There is no limit on the number of eApp's that you can create or install. eApps are java, flash or html based and allow full communication back to the SocialPeepl website. See our developer guide for more information.
  • Find out information on a variety of vehicles from motor bikes to tractors. Contribute by uploading those fantastic photos of a hot summers drive in the country or a day on the land with your tractor.
  • What are eSheets?. They are the chance for you to advertise a business, person or location. eSheets can be run in a dedicated window or within the SocialPeepl framework. You can apply custom styling options. Set the size of the dedicated window to brand your eSheet exactly as you want it to be. You can even integrate with google maps.

So why not sign up today?, as mentioned above SocialPeepl is unlimited and 100% free

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